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Sustainability in Rote Island, Indonesia

The Power of Giving: Sustainable Living in Rote, Indonesia

Andrea Preziotti

Rote is an island off the coast of Indonesia, north of Australia and just southwest of Timor with rolling hills of gold and palm trees of emerald green. The island straddles the Savu and Timor seas and is home to local artisans dedicated to upholding Rote's traditions in the creative arts.

Ornate Reverie has partnered with Rote Foundation to provide aid through education and health programs for the people of Rote Island. We are also committed to create eco-friendly and green technology  opportunities for income generation while respecting and preserving the culture. 

The Muses of Ornate Reverie support the Rote foundation's mission to provide resources and tools to achieve sustainable living around the world, and most importantly in their homeland of Indonesia. They are committed to donating 25% of all net proceeds from Ornate Reverie's sales to the foundation's initiatives on Rote Island.  

Learn more about the Rote Foundation. For more information on the UN's Sustainable Development Goals click here.