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Meet Our Team

Ornate Reverie is the collective inspiration of life-long friends who through their admiration and love of Indonesian culture share its beauty with innovative, utilitarian designs. Ornate Reverie’s apparel and accessories provide function and style for revelers to engage freely along their journey. Influenced by the precious stones, fabrics and materials collected worldwide from their travels, Ornate Reverie is committed to living a balanced, happy life one that invites joy and wonder into every day. Let the Muses be your guide. 

Meet the Muses

Suzanne Stephenson, Founder/Creative Director  

Beauty is … any one thing, and in fact, all things that give freedom to the soul, intrigue to the mind and pleasure to the senses.
Balance is … creating a sense of self wherever you go and whatever you do.  I travel through life experiencing it in every day, at every moment. It breathes in everything, from dance, art, music and cultural events, to hiking in nature and meditating, to spending time with loved ones.  
Happiness is … participating in a perpetual state of loving, creating and giving.  

Angelina Handayani, Accesories Designer

Beauty is … nature, the ebb and flow of the ocean. It’s the innocence of a child, filled with a sense of wonder, the kindness of others. I see it in the courage of everyday, and in the depth of my relationships with family and friends.  
Balance is … not sweating the small stuff.  I know it sounds cliche but I believe that everything happens for a reason, and the reason is always for the better.
Happiness is … the unconditional love of my family, every single one of them. It’s the ability to travel and experience the world, and living a life with gratitude.   

Monica Octavianus, Community Relations Assistant

Beauty is … simplicity. I see it reflected in nature, in people and in the diversity of world cultures. I see it in the rhythm of the ocean meeting the sand, and in the hustle and bustle of a NYC subway at rush hour.  
Balance is … being present, in this moment and every moment, acknowledging it for what it is and what it is not. It’s about creating a sacred space to meditate and connect with God in silent prayer, to reflect with gratitude and an appreciation for life.
Happiness is … nurturing connections with friends and family,  being near the ocean and its mysticism. It's about giving back to the society and its communities, investing time and energy for the greater good.